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4 Items Your Boat Emergency Tool Kit Should Have

Boating carries with it some risks. Unexpected things happen, and the last thing you want is to be stuck at sea at the mercy of the sun and the waves. To prevent the worst from happening, you should prepare an emergency tool kit beforehand.

  1. Satellite Phone/Radio

It’s unlikely that you will get phone service if you are out on the ocean or in a large lake. You’ll need a satellite phone or radio to talk to anyone at a long distance and ensure your safety. It’s also a good idea to write down an emergency towing company, a friend’s number, or some alternative that you know will come out to get you if you’re dead in the water.

  1. Spare Parts

Having a few key parts with you in the event your motor does break down may save you. This could be small parts, spare gas/oil, or some part that would stop the motor. You may even go so far as to carry a small spare motor with you that can at the very least push your boat to shore.

  1. Compass/GPS

A compass or GPS system in case you get swept into a current can prevent you from getting lost. When you get a few miles out to sea, you won’t even see the coastline anymore, and you might not even see any other boats. Having a compass or GPS locator can reduce the risk of getting swept to sea without knowing where to go.

  1. Tools

Every toolkit needs some tools in it. For a boat, any wrenches, pliers, Allen wrench, or other tools will likely be for the engine. It’s one of the only tool-heavy pieces that you can repair while on the go, so make sure that your tools match the motor of your boat.

Prepare for Emergencies

Emergencies and accidents happen, even while at sea. The best you can do as a boat owner is to prepare as much as you can to handle the emergency when it comes along. If you prepare accordingly, you can overcome almost any sort of situation on the water. Talk with us to learn more.