Stealth Series Aluminum Sled Jet Boats

  • Available Powertrain

For the river runner intent on running the waters less traveled, the Stealth was engineered and developed at every level to push your adventures forward and get into places nobody else can. Built utilizing a large casting deck and the Stealth’s ability to be rowed when needed is a welcome sight for many adventure seekers. Our unique partial rocker bottom combined with the 5-degree deadrise puts this boat at the top of list for extreme shallow water capability and versatility.

Set up for adventure, the Stealth is becoming the tool to get the job done in the Pacific Northwest.

Interior Amenities and Options include a wide range of configurable items specifically designed to meet the needs of the intended uses.

Length 20′-21”
Beam  FW   WW 93”
Side Height 28”-30″
Floor Width 60”
Bottom Dead Rise
Hull Modified V
Low Water Yes
Keel Reinforced welded keel extrusion
Side Thickness .125″
Bottom Thickness .160″
Longitudinal Box Girder Thickness .160″
Gunnels Thickness .125″
Transom .160
Fuel Tank Capacity Use Dependent
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