Customer Reviews

Arron Hyer | Meridian, CA

For decades I have relied on the versatility and quality build products that Rogue Jet Boatwork’s provide. Having been someone that uses their boat in any and all water types, I highly recommend Rogue Jet Boatworks. Their product line, dedication to quality and customer services, goes well beyond any expectations I could ever have. Once you decide to have a boat built to your specifications, you’ll never need another boat. Thank you Rogue Jet for providing the products and services to market. It’s a great family to be a part of!Arron Hyer Meridian, CA

G. Pucci & Sons, Inc

When it came time to build a boat that represented our company, its product line, and our philosophy, we chose COASTAL by Rogue Jet Boatworks. It’s no secret Rogue Jet Boatworks manufactures the highest quality boats, servicing all aspects of the sporting and recreational (all welded aluminum) boating industry. We felt Rogue Jet Boatworks product line matched our high-quality products and company philosophy in business. The P-Line team is enjoying the experiences out on the water that our Rogue Jet COASTAL provides.Angelo Pucci CEO, G. Pucci & Sons, Inc

Jerry and Sherry Lampkin

Since picking up our boat on July 19th, we have had the pleasure of staying on the Klamath River for the last month fishing and playing on vacation. The boat now has 40 hours on the main engine and another 40 or so on the kicker. So to say we have ran it through the ringer this month would be an understatement. Now that we have had some time in the boat to really sit and look at the build quality, rigging and design, all we can say is WOW! This boat has met and exceeded ALL of our expectations. The performance in all categories is phenomenal. Whether your side drifting, Boon dogging, trolling or just running up the river, this boat does it all, flawlessly. We still cant get over the power and performance of the supercharged engine. Getting on plane with full fuel, 6 people, 2 dogs and a full fish box in less than a couple of boat lengths has come in very handy numerous times this month. Getting through the skinny water was just an instant acceleration away and very comforting to know there was more there when needed. The fuel consumption was also a pleasant surprise. With all of the extra torque this motor has, all that is needed to get on plane and cruise, is to tach it up to 3000 rpm and leave it there. No need to really lean on it. Loafing along at 3000 rpm yields an easy 30 mph cruise and surprisingly good fuel consumption as compared to our other boat. Prior to ordering our Rogue Jet, we have owned another brand of heavy gage aluminum jet boat for over 10 years, so we had a lot of expectations and ideas of how we wanted our boat built. Because of that, we would like to thank you ALL again for your patients and willingness to build us OUR boat the way we wanted it. You all made the new boat process so much fun, interesting, and A LOT less painful than anticipated. Please feel free to give our phone number to any potential boat customer as we would be more than happy to talk to them about our experience. Thank you again, Jerry and Sherry Lampkin

Gail James | San Jose, CA

Our Rogue Jet is our 8th boat, but our first jet boat. We thoroughly researched the jet boat marketplace. And I mean thoroughly! There are 44 jet boat manufacturers in the USA but only Rogue Jet boat's have a 4th generation tampered-radius hull that includes a " surf board bottom, the Hamilton 212 Turbo Jet and 51 other standard features that make them the best built, no-compromise jet boat on the market. After riding in and driving several other boats, my wife & I were sold within 10 minutes about the obvious handling and performing advantages of a Rogue Jet. When I make an investment, I want to know I have made the best decision. If you feel that way too, then you are going to love the "no-compromise" Rogue Jet boats. Give them a call; they are also great people to work with."

George Seefken | Yuba City, CA

"I did a lot of looking at boats before I bought my jet boat, and boy am I glad I did. Rogue Jet Boatworks may not be a big company and not as well known as a few others. But Bruce Wassom is committed to building only the best no-compromise jet boats available. Plus their customer service and training is great. Any other boat is just a compromise. I recommend you head for Medford, OR and go for a ride in a Rogue Jet before you decide. You'll be glad you did."

Jim Kershaw | Yuba City, CA

"My son Kevin & I spend a lot of time fishing the Yuba, the Feather and the Sacramento Rivers. We get to places you would not believe in our jet boat, that we bought from Rogue Jet Boatworks. Rogue Jet builds the best performing and best handling jet boats available today. My wife loves knowing we are using the strongest and safest jet boat on the market, bar-none. I would recommend a Rogue Jet to anyone looking for the best. And we have great fishing stories to tell too".

Jeff and Rebecca

Here are the photographs of our beautiful boat you built for us and the salmon we've been able to catch. Everywhere we go at least one person or a couple will tell me what a beautiful boat I have. I kind of smile and thank them for the compliment knowing I did nothing to warrant the return on the compliment but that it was you guys that created such a beautiful boat. I was just telling Rebecca yesterday how happy I am with this boat. Thanks again.

Capt. John Pizza | The Fishing Guides Group

"I've known Bruce Wassom, the founder and president of Rogue Jet Boatworks, for well over twenty years. We originally met when Bruce was associated with Alumaweld Boats. When Bruce started Jetcraft Boats of Oregon, I ordered one of the first custom designed Jetcraft Whitewater jet boats. Currently, I'm running my third Whitewater. It's a beautiful 23 footer with a forward helm, Chevy big block, Hamilton 212 pump and all the bells and whistles I could want. This boat, just like my two previous Whitewaters, was custom designed and built to my personal needs and specifications. As a long time Charter captain and fishing guide, I feel that it is of the utmost importance that all of my equipment provide me and my clients with quality, functionality, appearance and dependability. My Whitewater meets and exceeds my expectations. Bruce Wassom is not only a good friend, he is a true professional in the aluminum boat manufacturing industry. He has always displayed the highest standards of product knowledge, integrity, honesty and customer concern. Further, these qualities, as well as Bruce's accessibility, are always just as available to the boat owner long after the boat is delivered as they were prior to the sale. Before making a purchase, I encourage any prospective buyer to take a ride in a Rogue Jet boat and discuss your needs with them. It will definitely be worth your time!"

Rick Kennedy | Tight Lines Guide Service

"I first met Bruce in 1996 and since have had the opportunity to spend time not only in his shop but in running his boats. Rogue Jet Boatworks is a lot like Bruce, "first-class". As a guide I have the opportunity to share my boats with many people. I have had nothing but outstanding comments about them with high marks for the way they ride and their overall construction. I spend a lot of time on high elevation lakes that Mother Nature can deliver in very windy, cold and adverse conditions. Never once have I felt my Rogue Jet boat couldn't handle those conditions. In fact several clients have bought Rogue Jets after taking a trip with me. So if you are looking for the best, give Rogue Jet Boatworks a call.

Dave and Patty Chantler

Just wanted to check in with you and tell you how we much we have been enjoying the 22 Fastwater. It has been skiing kids around Shasta and Tahoe, trolling for trout in the Sierras and just spent 20 days fishing on the Klamath River. This boat is awesome on the river! Runs shallows and handles like a sports car in the tight spots. Had guides and other folks taking photos of it and making statements like" oh the pretty boat catches fish too!" So thanks again for putting up with us on the purchase of this great boat. Compared to the others it is truly the ultimate welded jet boat!

Capt. Mike

“I just got home from giving "Miss Intimidator" a good cleaning.The boat has performed awesome, each day it is becoming more and more familiar. It was a great experience working with you guys at Rogue Jet Boatworks. Your boats are top notch and we couldn't have made a better decision then going with your company. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Rogue Jet!

Mike Steer

We were top boat today, I love this boat more every time I use it. Thanks guys! It is truly a fish catching machine!!!

George Gettys

I had high expectations for the Rogue Jet Coastal 20 boat because of the quality of construction I had seen at the boat show, but I had not taken a test ride until the day I picked up the boat. On that test ride, I was amazed at how well the boat turned at high speeds and negotiated choppy water. The boat exceeded my already high expectations!!My two friends who came with me to pick up the boat where also very impressed. One of the friends, who had bought a 19 Duckworth five years ago asked if I was as jealous of him when he purchased his boat as he was of me. We have been in some pretty rough water in his boat, which handled adequately, but both of us appreciate the greater freeboard, and handling that the Coastal 20 offers. My other friend, who is a machinist, was very impressed with your attention to detail, and of the sturdiness of the Coastal 20 construction.The other things that I really like are the amount of storage in the boat, the smooth ride and handling of your Guardian Trailer, and the friendliness of your staff. Thanks for making such a good boat and trailer.

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