Coastal Aluminum Offshore & Sport Fishing Boats

  • Available Powertrain

Bringing Home the Payload in Style, Comfort, and Confidence

From bad weather ocean conditions to bays, estuaries and lakes, the Coastal design provides the stability and comfort today’s offshore enthusiasts have demanded.

Decades of engineering, field testing and customer feedback has produced the industry leading Coastal Series, designed for the roughest water conditions. The progressive dead rise of the boats bottom from 18 degrees at the transom to 50 degrees at the bow, in combination with our signature full width outboard bracket and high sides for safety, has turned the Coastal into the Elite Sportsman’s choice of the Pacific Northwest.

Available configurations include a Front Helm, Front Helm with a Lodge Top, Hard-Top with Sides, Hardtop with Sides and Alaskan Bulkhead, or a Center Console T-Top.

Interior Amenities and Options include a wide range of configurable items specifically designed to meet the needs of the intended uses.

Length20′ – 26′
Side Height36″
Floor Width79″
Bottom Dead Rise18° transom / 50° bow
HullFull V
Reverse Chines / Strakes4
KeelReinforced .250″ keel extrusion
Side Thickness.125″
Bottom Thickness20′, 21′ models: .190″ | 22′ – 26′ models: .250″
Longitudinal Box Girder Thickness.160″
Gunnels Thickness.125″
Transom and Extend Outboard Bracket Thickness20′, 21′ models: .190″ | 22′ – 26′ models: .250″
Fuel Tank Capacity50 – 110 gallons
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