Chinook XL Mid Engine Jet Boat


CHINOOK XL Mid Engine CC—The Chinook mid-engine series has proven to be the industry’s leading technology-based watercraft. The mid-engine application provides a 360 degree usable area around the boat while also providing an unmatched, evenly balanced draft that equals unsurpassed performance and shallow water capability. Utilizing the Indmar 2.3 ecoboost engine and the American Turbine SD 203 Jet pump, you receive 25% greater fuel economy, ½ the amount in engine weight, more horsepower and torque than a Chevy 350, and ½ the amount of engine noise normaly found in inboard jet boat applications.
Available configurations include Center Console and Center Console T-Top
Interior Amenities and Options include a wide range of configurable items specifically designed to meet the needs of the intended uses.

Length 20′ – 24’
Beam XL-102″
Side Height 30″
Floor Width XL-78″
Bottom Dead Rise 8° or 14°
Hull Radius Tapered
Reverse Chines / Strakes 6
Keel Reinforced .250″ keel extrusion
Side Thickness .125″
Bottom Thickness .250″
Longitudinal Box Girder Thickness .160″
Gunnels Thickness .125″
Transom .190
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 gallons
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