Becoming a Rogue Jet Customer

“It all starts with your ability at any time to tour our facility and take part in a live product demonstration on the water with a Rogue Jet Professional.”

The decision to have an all welded aluminum boat built for you and your family is a big decision. And we at Rogue Jet don’t take that lightly. We’re the professionals that listen, provide needed guidance, and ensure your experience with us is one of appreciation.

If your choosing to have a boat built, our professional sales staff help you understand what model and options fit your intended uses. Discussions, example pictures, references, on the water test drives, and technical discussions regarding the differentiating factors are all part of becoming a customer.

During the building phase coordination begins in the selection of upholstery colors and exterior finishes.

Upon delivery you’ve become one of the thousands that have chosen a quality of life based on memory making experiences. It’s the way we look at it, and it’s the way we feel.

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