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Boating Safety on the Lake

Taking the boat out on the lake during the summer is a pastime that many people look forward to each year. Now that summer is here, it’s important to follow safe boating tips to ensure you have a successful boating experience.

Safety Items

 Whether you own a boat or are renting one, it is your responsibility to make sure the required safety items are on the boat. If you were to get stopped by a marine police officer, they would check for items, and you would receive a citation if you were missing anything. These items include a fire extinguisher, flotation devices, and distress signals. It’s important to check the United States Coast Guard’s marine vehicle requirements and specifications to make sure all of the required items are on your boat.

Proper Life Jackets

 Although many people believe the misconception that you only need life jackets for those who can’t swim on a boat, it is a law that there has to be the same number of life jackets as there are people on the boat. If you have fewer life jackets than you do people on your boat, you could receive a ticket.  

Check the Weather

 It’s always important to check the weather before going out boating, as well as to continue to monitor the weather while you are out on the weather. Pop-up storms happen all the time during summer, so it’s vital that boaters stay alert to the weather. Remember, that strong winds are just as dangerous to boaters and swimmers as storms are and should be taken very seriously.

Protect Your Skin

 There are few things more uncomfortable than a bad sunburn. Be sure to apply sunscreen before going boating, as well as reapply every two hours. Even when the sky is cloudy, a sunburn is still possible.


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