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Find the Best Fishing Spots in Oregon

If you already have an aluminum jet boat or you’re considering one, you probably are looking to zip off and cast a line. The convenience of getting out on the water quickly and easily and maneuvering into the best fishing spots is one of the primary motivations to have a jet boat. Let’s take a look at some of the finest freshwater fishing in the Pacific Northwest.

Something for Every Time of Year

Fishing the lakes, streams, and rivers of Oregon can provide year-round outdoor entertainment. Consider the Adventure Coast and the opportunity to snag a fine catch from the seasonal salmon runs. In the winter, steelhead are a thrilling challenge for experienced anglers.

The adventure coast also has trout stocked in many of its lakes by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Largemouth bass, various catfish, and yellow perch are also plentiful.

Coos We Can

Coos Bay and Coos River are great places to hook chinook salmon in the fall. The river has steelhead in the winter as well, and sea-run cutthroat trout.

The bay offers the opportunity to cast for herring and surfperch.

Both the river and the bay have a variety of access points that can be reached easily by road. Highway 101 can get you to plenty of local roads with boat ramps.

When You Come to a Fork in the Coquille River, Take It!

The east, middle, north, and south forks of the Coquille River all offer their own unique setting and potential catches. The southern stretch of the river entering the Pacific Ocean presents even more options. Take note though that in the north and east forks only hatchery steelhead can be kept, and the middle fork is closed above Myrtle Creek for a portion of the year to protect the salmon population.

These Are a Few of Our Favorites. What Are Yours?

We’re boating and fishing enthusiasts too. Don’t let our fishing tips be a one-way street. Stop by and tell us yours today!