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Getting Your Dog Boat Ready

Taking your jet boat out on a hot summer day is a great adventure. While boating alone can be fun, it is best enjoyed with friends, family, and even your dog. Dogs can enjoy boating just as much as you with proper training. If you want to take your furry friend out on the boat with you this summer, there is some important training you should complete first to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable while on the boat.

Getting In and Out 

Depending on the size of your dog, your dog must understand how to get on and off the boat, and when it is appropriate to do so. If you have a smaller dog, this process can be simple if you are capable of carrying the dog on and off the boat. However, with a larger breed you’ll want toe work on basic commands.

If possible, you should start training on dry land or on a day when the water is calm. The less rocky the boat is at first the better. If you’ll need to use a ramp or dog ladder, get them familiar with this structure right away. Treats can go a long way when it comes to proper training. It is important that you watch your dog’s body language when training them to get on and off the boat. If they are scared or nervous, positive reinforcement can be more beneficial than trying to force their movements. It may take a few sessions for your dog to feel comfortable enough.

Designate a Specific Spot

Once your dog is comfortable, train them to go to a specific spot on the boat. An anti-slip mat can make a spot more comfortable, and make it clear where you want the dog to go. Having a designated spot helps you to keep a better eye on your dog which is important for safety.

With positive reinforcement and strong verbal commands, your dog can be a great companion on and off the boat.