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Jet Boat Driving Tips

Many people who buy jet boats do so because they have been out on the water with friends and fall in love with the sport. Along with this comes the fact that most people on the water have never really been taught how to drive a boat. Most are either self-taught, or they learn from another individual who is self-taught. Although it is not crucial to have lessons in driving a boat, it is a good idea to get a few tips from professionals. Keep these in mind if you are new to jet boating.

  • When going around a turn, always hug the inside of the curve unless there is an obstacle in your way, or the water is too shallow. If you stay to the outside of the curve, you may experience a rollover because there is no room for a boat slide, an increase in speed, or delayed driver reaction.
  • When taking off from shallow water, do not point the bow in a straight line, but instead at an angle to the direction you want to go. This allows you to roll into the direction you want to travel. Your jet boat will draw less water and move into the plane you want to be on.
  • If you are jet-sprinting, lift off of the throttle before turning into a corner, and then accelerate through the corner. This is faster than remaining at full throttle the whole way through the curve. When you hit a curve at full throttle, you will lose a little speed, but you won’t have any remaining thrust to pick up speed as you move through the turn.

If you have any other questions about driving your jet boat, or you need any other advice, the knowledgeable team at Rogue Jet Boats is here and ready to help. Visit our website or call us today at (541) 944-2155.