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Rogue Jet Boats | Essential Safety Tips for Ice Fishing

Essential Safety Tips for Ice Fishing

One great way to enjoy a winter day is to head out onto a frozen lake and go ice fishing. Depending on where you live, your nearby frozen lake could be a bustle of activity, or you may be the only person walking over the water. Before you pack up your gear and head out onto the ice, stay safe. Here are some tips for enjoying a peaceful day on the ice with fewer risks.

Bundle Up

Be prepared for cold, blustery winds across the lake, as there’s almost nothing to slow the wind-down. Be sure to have several layers and protect your face and hands. Some people will see the sun and assume it will be warmer, but this isn’t always the case. Plus, cloud cover can come in quickly when you’re out on the ice for hours.

Tell a Friend

Before you head out, make sure someone else knows your plan for the day and what to do if they don’t hear from you. Even better, bring a friend ice fishing with you.

Talk With Area Locals

If you’re ice fishing in unfamiliar territory, stop into the bait shop and see their advice on the lake. They may know a common spot where the ice is thinner and the water movement of the lake.

Carry Fishing Safety Gear

In addition to your layers and initial fishing gear, you want to be sure you have a floatation device. Bring chisels to check the ice thickness and ice picks or rescue claws to get you out from under the ice if you fall in. Also, bring a portable phone charger. Cold weather makes your battery drop more quickly.

Skip the Alcohol

Alcohol can impair your judgment. It also makes you colder, not warmer.

Be Careful on the Ice

Frozen lakes can be unpredictable, and ice can change thickness rapidly from one area to another. Watch your step, and stay safe this winter.

Have more ice fishing tips? We’d love to hear them! Get in touch with us today.