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The Best Features and Advantages of Jet Boats

Many people are finding that jet boats are a great way to get their water sport fix on sunny summer days. These boats come in lengths up to 26 feet and are powered by a jet drive propulsion system. You may be familiar with the way a jet boat works if you have ever used a personal watercraft, like a jet ski. This jet drive propulsion system pairs a jet pump and an inboard engine to propel the boat. The system works by drawing water in through the bottom of the boat and then shooting it out the back of the boat at a high velocity, which moves the boat forward.

The Best Features of Jet Boats

As jet boating becomes more popular, a growing number of water sport enthusiasts around the world are finding the many advantages that the boats offer. Here are a few of the top reasons people love jet boats

  • Unlike boats with propellers, there is no danger of propeller injuries when swimming around the boat. The boat’s jet drive impeller is inside the pump.
  • Boating in very shallow water. The jet drive system of the boat is located entirely within the hull. This is a big plus since there is no outdrive or propeller to worry about damaging by hitting the bottom if you use the boat in shallow water.
  • East steering. Jet boats are steered through the use of a nozzle. The nozzle aims the water stream to the left or the right. The “reverse bucket” is a diverter that drops over this nozzle to create reverse thrust.
  • Jet boats can be equipped with one or two jet pumps and engines.

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