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Three Questions to Ask Before Buying a Jet Boat

Longing to live more of your life out on open water? A jet boat might be just the thing to shake up your everyday life in quarantine, providing you and your family more opportunities to get out of the house for some much-needed adventure and relaxation. But, with so many types of boats on the market, you may not know which boat would fit your specific needs. If you’re looking to find a boat that suits your style, here are three questions to ask yourself first:

  1. What would I use a boat for?

Some people’s ideal day on a boat involves bait and tackle, while others involve brews and tunes. Having a clear idea of whether you are going to be spending more time fishing, joyriding, or towing water toys around a lake will help you stay focused on what features you’re looking for in your boat. Because a boat is such a long-term investment in your recreational life, we advise getting a boat with all the features that will make you comfortable for years to come.

  1. Do I want a new boat, or would consignment be better?

Getting a brand new boat may sound enticing, but getting all the features you want may push you outside of your price point. One method for getting the features you want without having to break the bank is buying a used boat. Though you should be on the lookout for any dings, cracks, scratches, or dents, used boats are like used cars—they run for much longer than the original owner keeps them. It’s actually not uncommon for boat enthusiasts to purchase used “starter boats” with plans to purchase new ones later once they’ve gained more experience and know exactly what they’re looking for.

  1. How many people do I want to be able to fit on my boat?

While there are smaller jet boats that seem more like a glorified Jet Ski, there are some that pack over 20 feet of deck space. The common range of jet boats can fit between one to ten people. The number of people you want to bring out onto your boat will determine a multitude of factors, like the size and type of boat you get and how many amenities like chairs and cup-holders you’ll want.

If you’re ready to start shopping for your jet boat, let the experts at Rogue Jet Boats help you get started. Call us today to discuss your options.