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Tips for Boating in the Winter

As we enter the colder winter months, some boat owners opt to close out the season, packing away their boat in a cozy little shed to hibernate until next spring. For others, winter provides a unique opportunity to experience a different side of boating. There are generally far fewer people out on the water, allowing you to enjoy areas that would usually be too crowded to frequent, and winter provides a different lens through which you can reacquaint yourself with familiar sights. While there are certainly a fair number of challenges to boating this time of year, such as identifying a non-frozen body of water, it can be incredibly rewarding to those brave enough to do. However, if you decide to attempt winter boating, it’s critical that you do so in as safe a manner as possible.

Even if you aren’t storing your boat, some level of maintenance is still required. You’ll want to ensure that you have a way to charge your battery when the motor isn’t running, as the cold can easily zap the energy from a battery in a short amount of time. You should also be changing the oil to keep the engine running smoothly. Finally, before going out onto the water you should assess the integrity of your boat. While leaks should always be dealt with as soon as possible, they can be particularly devastating when boating in the winter, so make sure your boat is in excellent shape before going back out onto the water.

After the boat is ready, you need to make sure you’re ready as well. Ensure you have the appropriate attire to handle both the water and the cold, and always dress in layers, and keep life jackets readily available, as even strong swimmers can quickly lose the ability to swim in the icy water.

If you’d like to upgrade to a higher quality boat for your winter boating needs, we can help! Simply contact Rogue Jet Boats at (541) 944-2155.