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Top Four Boating Gadgets to Stow on Your Rogue Jet Boat

Boating purists know that there’s simply nothing better than an open-air cruise on a quality jet boat. For that, all you’ll need is your Rogue Jet Boat, the required safety gear, and some fresh air.

However, if you’re like most of us, you enjoy a few well-chosen gadgets to make the ride just that much better. In fact, finding new boating accessories can become downright addictive. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best boating gadgets on the market today – proceed at your own risk!

Best Boating Gadgets for 2020

  1. A waterproof speaker. Depending on the age of your boat, you likely already have a decent set of embedded speakers and a radio to accompany them. However, you won’t be able to resist these waterproof BlueTooth speakers from Altec Lansing for your next float party or fishing trip. Why? Solar-powered batteries mean you won’t drain your boat battery while you play your favorite playlist, and their floating capabilities mean they’ll survive even the most vigorous toss overboard.
  2. A waterproof camera. Whether you’re cruising, fishing, or participating in water sports, you’ll want to record the action. This VIRB360 action camera from Garmin offers waterproof capabilities along with an hour of recording time and full audio. Better yet, you’ll achieve full 360-degree video recording, so you don’t miss a moment of your jet boat excursion.
  3. A camera float. If most of the action is in the water, such as during snorkeling or swimming, a camera float is necessary to extend your shooting capabilities. This Nordic Flash camera float is inexpensive (it comes in a two-pack!) and can be utilized to provide floating capabilities to a number of gadgets on your boat. Trust us. You’ll thank us next time your depth finder washes overboard!
  4. An inflatable tow rope. If water sports are your favorite part of boat life, you’ve likely been searching for a tow rope that won’t submarine, drag, or spray riders in the face during long rides. This Buoy Booster Ball prevents all of the above, providing a premium ride, whether you’re wake boarding, skiing, tubing. We especially like the 4-rider capacity and 60-foot length – nobody gets left out of the fun!

Have you recently encountered a boating gadget we missed? If so, let us know – then, stop by and check out our selection of some of the finest watercraft available for fishing, pleasure cruising, and much more. For more information about the boats we offer, contact Rogue Jet Boats today.