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Best Attachments for Your Fishing Boat

When you get a new boat, the urge to head out on the water right away is strong. Many people have impulsively rushed out only to realize there may have been a few beneficial accessories they forgot. Here are our top five attachment recommendations that tend to make a difference.

Fish Finder

Fishing is a game of patience and skill, but it helps to know that there are fish to catch where you’re casting. A fish finder uses ultrasonic waves to detect where the fish are most concentrated in the lake and help you navigate to them. Many newer models also integrate with GPS to help you navigate to your goal, allowing you to spend more time fishing and less guessing.

Trolling Motor

While your standard outboard is great for getting you where you want to go, they are loud and can easily scare off fish. Making sure you have a trolling motor on hand lets you switch to a quieter and more maneuverable motor to keep the fish relaxed.

Rod Holder

If you’re heading out with a few friends or have a couple of rods available, a set of rod holders will help you ensure that you can keep your rods organized, separate, and in good repair. 

Helm Pads

You’ll be out on your boat most of the day (if all goes to plan). Standing and balancing on the hard material of your deck for long periods can lead to sore joints and back pain. A helm pad provides a more secure surface and reduces the impact while cruising.

Grill Mount

After a few hours and a few catches, you’ll have worked up an appetite, and there’s no better reward for a day on the water than fresh fish for lunch. However, grilling on a boat can be risky without the proper mount. Getting a durable stainless steel grill mount will help you enjoy your catch without the risk.

Let’s Get You on the Water

If you’re looking for a new boat to outfit, contact us and let us see what we can set you to sail in.