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The Best Tools For Hull Cleaning

When you leave a body of water and want to head to another one, you must rinse down your boat properly. Invasive species like mussels, barnacles, and others latch onto ship hulls and ride from one lake to another, getting into our beautiful waters and fouling up the local ecosystems. The worst ones can even damage our water treatment systems and plants. But it can be a hassle without the right set of tools.

Powered Brushes

Scrubbing your hull to remove some of the most stuck-on pieces can be backbreaking without a powered brush. A powered scrubber can take much of the work out of the process. You also want to look for something with a telescoping handle so you don’t have to spend as much time on your knees or stretching down.

High-pressure nozzles

In the case of most clean-up cases, a low-pressure hose will do fine. However, after a long trip or period in the marina, you can end up with extremely firmly attached debris that could conceal many hitchhikers. A high-pressure wash system on hand can make short work of an hours-long clean-up job.


Choosing the right decontaminant, depending on your hull’s material, can be tricky. Choosing the wrong decontaminant could damage your hull or not sufficiently sterilize your ship. The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection has put together a guide on properly decontaminating your equipment to prevent some of the worst hitchhikers. 

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