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Boating With Your Dog: What to Bring

You and your family can make some incredible memories on a boat trip, whether it’s fishing or taking in beautiful scenery. You can also bring the family dog for your boating journey, but not without a few essentials. Use the following as a checklist of what to bring on a boating trip with the dog.

Life Preserver

Just like with humans, dogs need life preservers. A life vest will keep them afloat if something happens and your dog goes overboard. Dogs can be great swimmers, but they can also quickly become fatigued. To avoid any catastrophic consequences, make sure you have life jackets for both you and your dog.

Paw Protection

Your boat can get very hot in a short time. If you wouldn’t walk on your boat barefoot, your dog wouldn’t want to walk with just its paws, either. Be sure to bring paw protection so your dog can navigate the deck without any worry.


Dogs can get sunburned. Not only should you pack some sunscreen for you and your family, but for the dog as well. Ensure you bring a dog-specific sunscreen, as normal sunscreen won’t be effective and can do more harm than good.

First Aid Kit

Should your dog become injured despite protection, you’ll want to have a first aid kit. Even if you never end up using it, having one on hand at all times is wise and highly recommended.

Drinking Water

Because of the heat and potentially fatigue, you and your dog will need clean, fresh drinking water. Don’t let your dog drink water from the river, pond, or ocean, as this can make them sick.

Prepare for Your Family Trip

If you need a robust and efficient boat or you have questions about what to bring for your trip, we can help. Contact Rogue Jet Boatworks today with any questions or concerns you have.