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Boating Under the Influence of Intoxicants (BUII) Laws for Oregon

Boating under the influence of intoxicants is high risk, and even higher if you own a jet boat.  High speeds and alcohol or drugs don’t go well together and can be catastrophic.  One of the best ways to make sure that you are safe while boating is never to be intoxicated while you operate the boat.  It is illegal in every state to operate a vessel of any kind while intoxicated.

Avoiding a BUI

  • Instead of having drinks on your boat that have alcohol in them, consider taking drinks that aren’t alcoholic and having a beer after you get back to the marina or dock for dinner. Wait an hour per standard drink before you drive or operate any other kind of vehicle.
  • Consider using a designated driver for those who are drinking after the boat trip.
  • Having no alcohol on your boat will protect your passengers from getting disoriented and risking injury or falls.
  • Have a lot of food to go with any alcohol consumption.
  • Talk to others about the BUII Laws and report anyone that you see drinking and boating.

The Effects of Alcohol While Boating

  • When a boater drinks, then it is harder to make good decisions and process information correctly.
  • Vision is compromised when someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Impaired vision results in reduced focus, peripheral vision, and decreased night vision.
  • Being impaired may affect the inner ear, which makes it hard to distinguish directions if one falls in the water.
  • The risk of hypothermia is higher when someone is drinking as alcohol makes them feel warmer.

There are many boating accidents resulting in injury and even death caused by someone boating while impaired.  It is important to know the risks and pay attention to the way other boaters behave so that you aren’t at risk of being in an accident because a boat has an impaired driver.  Consider these tips and discuss them with your passengers before operating your jet boat in Oregon or any other state.

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