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Checklist for Safe Spring Fishing

When you head out onto the water for fishing this spring, be sure that you’re prepared. There are some essential things you’ll want with you to keep you and any boating companions safe and ready for whatever comes your way on a day out.

Check Batteries

If your boat runs on a battery motor, you want to be sure it’s fully charged before you head out on the water. It may even require a professional check if its charge was too low before it was put into winter storage. Nothing is worse than sailing into open water on a low battery charge. Always be sure you’ve got a battery charger on board, but never overcharge

Test the Lights

Give the lights on your boat a check to ensure they’re bright and easily seen. Boat trailers need specific lights under Oregon law, and boats on the water need running lights on from sunset to sunrise. If you can, have replacement lights onboard.

Inspect Lifejackets and Safety Equipment

Life vests with holes or tears in them are not effective safety gear, and if pests were around in your boat’s storage area, they could be damaged. Check that necessary gear like flares, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers are up-to-date and easily accessible.

Pack Communication

Cell phones are not reliable on the water. You can keep them safe in a waterproof pack, but cell service does not often reach far enough into the water. When you have less steady coverage, it can drain your phone’s battery faster. Instead, you want a VHF radio or communication designed for boats, like an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB).

Look at the Weather Before Leaving

When you’re planning a trip, be sure to double-check the weather for any impending dangerous weather. As you know, the forecast is often unreliable, and it’s important to get the most current information to avoid storms.

Be sure to stay safe this boating season. For any fishing or boating questions, contact Rogue Jet Boats.