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Preparing Your Boat for Launch

Spring is on the way, and you most likely have boating on your mind. The first launch of the season is exciting and freeing, but it can also be costly if the right preparations aren’t taken.

Whether you are a new boat owner or an experienced boat owner, it is important to start the season off right with the proper care and preparation of your boat before it is introduced to the water once again. 

Get Ready for Boating Season

With these simple steps, you can start your boating season off right:

  1. Don’t get ahead of yourself. If you are from a colder area, you may be well aware that there are always a couple of false springs. The weather may become warm for a few days only to snow a couple of days later. Don’t jump the gun on your boating season, make sure spring is actually here and your boat is properly thawed. Freezing water in your engine can lead to cracks and other pricey damage.
  2. De-winterize your boat. Your boat has most likely sat for many months untouched. During this time, small animals/insects can make your boat their home, cracks can accumulate, and overall wear and tear can occur. Remove any coverings or rags in the exhaust and engines and give your boat a good bath before taking it into the water. 
  3. Freezing most commonly occurs within the hoses and cables. Check for hardening and cracks on these and make sure their connections are still tight. Also, check the throttle to make sure it isn’t stiff. If it is, you may need some lubrication. 
  4. Get out the screwdriver. Tighten up any loose bolts are screws, making sure everything is secure. 

Contact a Specialist

At Rogue Jet Boats, we can answer any of your boating questions. Contact us today to get your season started.