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How to Clean Vinyl Windows on Your Boat

You want your aluminum boat to always be looking its best. This should not only include regular cleaning and maintenance of the body of your boat but the windows as well. While there are a few different popular options for boat windows, vinyl tends to be the most-used option on the market. While it may not take long to clean your windows, you still want to make sure to do it right. Using the wrong cleaning solution or materials can lead to unwanted damages to your windows.

Steps for Cleaning Your Vinyl Windows

  • You’ll want to start with a simple inspection. Before cleaning, take the time to look for any tears, deep scratches, or holes that might indicate the window needs to be replaced.
  • Remove debris by using mild soap and water. You can also use an approved vinyl window soap.
  • Rinse with fresh water to remove all the dirt and dust that was removed with your initial cleaning.
  • Wipe your windows dry with a soft microfiber towel. You can use this time to get an up-close look at your windows to ensure everything was cleaned off the first time around. If you still notice dirt and debris, you may want to repeat the wash process. 
  • Restore the look of your windows by applying a vinyl window formula. To ensure you choose the correct formula, it can be helpful to check with the boat manufacturer. 
  • Polish your windows with a foam applicator pad made specifically for boats. 
  • Your final step is treating your windows with a boat-approved window wax.

Maintaining the Look of Your Aluminum Boat

Keeping your aluminum boat looking great doesn’t have to be a chore. With regular cleaning, restoring, and treating, you will be able to maintain a fresh look over a long period. With proper care, your windows can last years to come. Windows add to the overall appearance of your boat, so you want them to always be looking their best. At Rogue Jet Boats, caring for aluminum boats is our passion. Contact us with any cleaning or maintenance concerns you may have.