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Protecting Your Aluminum Boat From Salt Water

An aluminum boat is a great investment. They are affordable, and when well maintained, can last. They provide freedom on the water that is unlike anything else. They are also available in a wide variety of sizes and powers to ensure you get the perfect boat for your water adventures. Whether you are in freshwater or saltwater, your aluminum boat is perfect. If you do plan on launching your boat into saltwater, you will want to take some precautions to avoid any possible corrosion. 

Protecting Your Aluminum Boat

Saltwater can cause galvanic corrosion. The rate of corrosion largely depends on how chemically active your aluminum boat and its components become when put in saltwater. That is why it is recommended that you have a protective paint coat that provides a high electrical resistance barrier between your boat and the water. 

Whenever you take your boat out on saltwater, it is beneficial to wash your boat with fresh water to remove any clinging residue that could cause corrosion to your boat. You should also repair any chips or scratches that expose the bare metal of your boat. If you do need to paint your boat, paint with primers and coatings that are specifically designed for aluminum. Be sure to never paint an anode, since they have an important role to play in protecting your boat from saltwater. Your aluminum boat is a large investment, and you should want to protect that investment.

Consult the Experts

Your aluminum boat can take you anywhere. Whether you want to explore freshwater or saltwater, your aluminum boat can take you there. If you are concerned about corrosion, you can trust the experts to provide quality advice and tips. The professionals at Rogue Jet Boats can help ensure the long life of your aluminum boat. Contact us to learn more.