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hy Choose Aluminum Boats Instead of Fiberglass

If you are in the market for a new boat, one of the first decisions you need to make is: aluminum or fiberglass? Today’s aluminum boats are not only stylish, but they also offer a smooth ride and other perks once reserved only for fiberglass boats. Aluminum, as a hull construction material, provides numerous benefits that fiberglass just can’t give you.  The following are just a few of the factors that make aluminum boats the better option.

Aluminum Boats are More Durable

An aluminum boat can last for at least 30 years if cared for properly. Aluminum is a strong material not susceptible to freezing temperatures or extreme heat that can damage fiberglass and make it less durable. It will also not be subject to fading, chalkiness, and decolorization that can occur with fiberglass boats over time. Aluminum’s durability allows these boats to travel in areas that fiberglass models can’t. In rocky areas where fiberglass can easily break on impact, aluminum boats can stay in the water without worrying about damage and leaks.

Aluminum Boats Are Easier to Maintain

Aluminum boats are fairly low maintenance when compared to a fiberglass model.  They do not require the polishing that a fiberglass boat does in order to look its best—just a quick once over with a hose or trip to the carwash.  Any dents or dings will require major work on a fiberglass gel coat, but touch-up paint is all you need to have your aluminum boat looking great.

Aluminum Boats Weigh Less

Aluminum boats are at least 10- 30% lighter than fiberglass models of the same size with similar layouts. This lighter weight means lower fuel costs, both in boat fuel and fuel required to tow the boat. A lighter weight aluminum boat will also provide the same performance from a smaller outboard that you would get from the larger outboard needed by a fiberglass boat.  A lighter-weight boat is also easier to handle onshore and during transportation.

Aluminum Boats Are a Better Value

Aluminum boats are not only a better value on the purchasing end. They also have a better resale value than a fiberglass model. Maintaining your aluminum boat will provide a much higher percentage of your original purchase price than a fiberglass boat from the same model year.

Aluminum Boats are Environmentally Friendly 

Aluminum boats are a better choice for the environment than fiberglass boats. Once an aluminum boat is no longer in commission, it is 100% recyclable. A fiberglass boat will simply end up cut into pieces and dumped in the landfill. That’s just one more reason you can feel good about choosing an aluminum boat over a fiberglass model.

Choose Rogue Jet Boats for Your Aluminum Boat Purchase 

From our Fastwater Series to the Landing Craft Series, Rogue Jet Boats has the aluminum boat that is right for your boating needs. Let our experts help you find your next boat. Call us today to get started.