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Why Rogue Jet Boats

There are many different places to purchase boats, so why choose Rogue Jet Boats? Rogue Jet Boats provides quality products that are designed to last a lifetime. Rogue Jet Boats was founded by Bruce C. Wassom, who has extensive experience in the industry. His boating history dates back thirty-five (35) years. Not only does he have extensive history building, designing, and testing all welded aluminum boats, but he has years of experience as a boating enthusiast. 

Bruce has been boating and training others to boat all over the world for years. With that knowledge, Bruce has dedicated his life to providing quality products that are built to last a generation. 

Making Memories on the Water

Bruce knows how important memories are in life, and his goal is to provide his family of customers with a lifetime of memories on their boat. Rogue Jet Boats has seven (7) different series of boats:

  • Whitewater Fastwater Series
  • Coastal Series
  • Chinook XL Mid-Engine CC
  • Chinook XL-XXL Series
  • Stealth Series
  • Yukon 185 Series
  • Landing Craft Series

Each boat is manufactured to provide a lasting, quality product to our customers at competitive costs. Not only are pre manufactured boats available, but custom boats can be built as well, with customers selecting upholstery colors and exterior finishes. 

Rogue Jet Boats also manufactures Guardian Trailers. The Guardian Trailers are designed to solve the problem associated with trailering, boat entry, trailer degradation, and towing. Each series of boats has a different trailer designed for it. The quality construction means that this trailer will outlast all other trailers on the market. 

Let Rogue Jet Boats Help

The Guardian Trailer is the most stable and easiest towing trailer on the market. The trailers manufactured by Rogue Jet Boats have solid, non-skid diamond plate fenders to provide a safe surface on the trailer around the wheels. Rogue Jet Boats wants to provide a safe experience for our customers.

Let us show you how amazing boating can be! Come by our store today.