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The Importance of Cleaning a Boat After Each Boating Trip

Regardless of where your boating trip takes you, proper cleaning of your boat is one of the most important things you can do to make sure you get to enjoy boating excursions for years to come. The most important aspect of cleaning for the longevity of the boat is making sure any saltwater is washed off immediately after a boating trip. Saltwater can eat away at the surface materials of your boat. 

Saltwater should also be cleaned out of the engine in between boating trips to make sure that the engine does not corrode as a result of the saltwater. Check your manufacturer specifications, as there is usually a process to do this.

Don’t Forget the Details

Not only is it important to rinse the saltwater off of your boat, but it is equally important to remove any foreign objects on the boat after a boat trip. This is important to ensure that invasive species are not carried from one body of water to another. If an invasive species is introduced into a new habitat, it can take over that habitat and ruin boating and other water activities for generations to come. 

Make sure to purchase a reputable boat cleaning solution. Many people mistakenly use dish detergent on boats. Dawn and Palmolive are great options for doing dishes – but they can actually strip protective wax from the boat surface. However, Dawn dish detergent is actually ideal to use prior to waxing to strip any previous wax from the surface. It is usually recommended that a boat be waxed twice a year to help keep the boating surface protected. 

Best Time to Start an Inspection

The cleaning process is an ideal time to inspect the boat for any damage or maintenance issues that may need attention. If there are any areas that appear to have been damaged during the boating trip, it is important to make sure they are inspected by an expert before embarking on your next water voyage. 

Keeping a clean boat not only helps with the longevity of the boat itself but it helps with resale value. A boat is an investment that can provide hours of enjoyment. For more tips about best cleaning practices, contact us today.