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Preparing for Your First Family Boating Trip

With the fall season underway, it’s a great time to go boating with the family and try out many different activities, such as fishing, sightseeing, camping, and sunbathing. However, if this is your first time going boating, it can initially seem daunting. We want you to make a lot of fun memories, so here are a few key points to remember before you go on your trip:

Check the Weather

You want to remember your first boating trip as a fun experience taking in new sights, trying new activities, and bonding with the people around you. This isn’t possible when a thunderstorm looms over you, so be sure to check the date for the weather to ensure your family has the most fun possible.

Safety Is Key

Make sure you bring a radio, phone, life jackets, sunblock, food, water, and a first aid kit before you head out. You want to be fully prepared if things don’t go as planned, especially if your children are joining you. Oregon also offers boating education courses, so that extra research on boating basics can come in handy here.

Don’t Go Too Far 

This is your first trip with the family, so it’s best not to venture out too far from where you start until you’ve more experience. Start with shorter trips, get used to sailing the boat, and start with safer activities. While camping overnight can seem attractive, if you’re new to boating, it might be best to wait until a later date. You can still enjoy some of the things boating offers without venturing too far or too long.

Ask Questions

If you’re still planning out your trip and you need further assistance, then feel free to contact us at Rogue Jet Boatworks with any questions or concerns you may have.