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Boat Naming Tips

If you’ve owned a boat before, you’ve probably had to give it a title. This practice isn’t simply a form of identification, nor is it just a tradition that’s stuck around. It’s also a fun way to personalize your boat and name it something special. But what should you name it? If your creative well has run dry, just follow these tips:

Find Your Inspiration

In any creative endeavor, no idea is entirely original. Everyone draws inspiration from somewhere, and you should decide what inspires you. It may be a person, a place, an artist, a song, a movie, or anything you like. For example, if you’re a big fan of a particular TV series, you can try and find a name that references that series.

Keep It Classy

No matter how creative or fitting you think your idea is, nobody wants to see a boat named with profanity. Avoid being too crass or offensive here. The best names are ones that everyone can enjoy alongside you.

Keep It Short

Brevity is the soul of wit, so the best boat names are often short and sweet. While we all giggled at the naming of the infamous “Boaty McBoatface,” there’s a reason why most of the ships you know have one-word names. They’re easy to remember and easy to write.

Have Fun With It!

The title of your boat doesn’t need to be serious and deep. It’s okay to be a bit silly when naming your boat, and it might even make your boating trips more entertaining.  

Making It Official

Once you have your name, you could have it printed properly on the side of your boat for the world to see. Find a readable location, and apply the vinyl letters while the boat is on land and unwaxed. Once the adhesive dries, you and your newly named boat will be ready to sail.

If you’re looking for that perfect boat to name, contact us at Rogue Jet Boatworks today.