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Teaching Your Kids to Boat

Whether sailing is an old family tradition or simply a new hobby you’ve picked up, it can be a lot of fun to teach your kids to use the boat as well. From safety procedures to boating jargon, there’s a lot to explain, so you may be wondering where to start — and how to make sure your lessons actually work.

Start With Safety

Safety first isn’t just a catchy saying, it’s also good advice, especially when on a boat. You should focus on teaching your kids to avoid potential dangers, such as forgetting to bring a life jacket or messing with the engine.

Emphasize the Environment

Knowing to look out for any environmental factors is just as important as understanding the boat itself. From recognizing cloud formations that may spell danger to knowing where to go when they see a red navigation aid, it’s important to teach your kids to keep an eye on their surroundings.

Navigation and Map Reading

Some people may just like taking their boats out on open water for a casual trip, but you should still teach your kids how to use maps and tell directions. They should know the basics of various hand signals, how to use a compass, and where the various available docks and ports are in case of an emergency.

Let them chart a course and teach them to follow the course they’ve chosen, or plot a simple destination and see if they know how to get you there.

Make Sure They Get Licenses

If you wouldn’t let your kid drive your car before they passed their driver’s test, then they shouldn’t be using your boat prematurely, either. Prepare them for the boating license exam before you let them take over. These exams just require answering some questions, so if they’ve been keeping up with their lessons, they should be able to pass the test with ease.

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