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George Gettys

I had high expectations for the Rogue Jet Coastal 20 boat because of the quality of construction I had seen at the boat show, but I had not taken a test ride until the day I picked up the boat. On that test ride, I was amazed at how well the boat turned at high speeds and negotiated choppy water. The boat exceeded my already high expectations!!

My two friends who came with me to pick up the boat where also very impressed. One of the friends, who had bought a 19 Duckworth five years ago asked if I was as jealous of him when he purchased his boat as he was of me. We have been in some pretty rough water in his boat, which handled adequately, but both of us appreciate the greater freeboard, and handling that the Coastal 20 offers. My other friend, who is a machinist, was very impressed with your attention to detail, and of the sturdiness of the Coastal 20 construction.

The other things that I really like are the amount of storage in the boat, the smooth ride and handling of your Guardian Trailer, and the friendliness of your staff. Thanks for making such a good boat and trailer.