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What to Do If Your Boat Breaks Down on the Water

If you’re spending a day out on the water either by yourself or with friends, it’s a good idea to have a plan in place in the event your boat breaks down and you cannot make it back to shore. It’s essential to have a few key emergency tools on your watercraft just in case of emergencies like these, and the following steps are important if you want to get out of this situation quickly and safely:

  1. Stay calm. Panicking in any emergency situation compounds the already present danger. Make sure you and everyone else on your boat is safe and calm while you decide on the best course of action.
  2. Drop anchor. If you need someone to find and rescue your boat, you need to stay put. Drop your anchor to stop your boat from drifting.
  3. Keep everyone comfortable. Make sure no one is overly exposed to the sun, has access to water and food if necessary, and has any protective gear necessary for the weather.
  4. Determine whether you can fix the problem. If you’re an experienced boater you might feel confident about diagnosing and fixing whatever happened to your boat, but if you’re unsure of the problem or how to fix it, wait for help instead of risking making it worse.
  5. Call for help. If you have a phone or radio you should be able to call the nearest harbormaster or 911 in the event that you or one of your passengers is injured. A passing boat may be able to offer a tow, or the Coast Guard may be dispatched to bring you to shore.

Hopefully, you never experience a boating emergency that leaves you stranded on the water for long, and you can minimize your risk of this kind of event by investing in the highest-quality boat available. The watercraft available from Rogue Jet Boats are some of the finest watercraft available on the market for fishing and pleasure cruising. If you are interested in one of the most reliable and durable boats available, contact Rogue Jet Boats today for more information.