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Why Is Aluminum the Best Boat Construction Material

The team at Rogue Jet Boats proudly constructs and sells watercraft built with 35 years of engineering success behind them. The aluminum boats Rogue Jet Boats offers are the best in their class when it comes to reliability, performance, and durability. However, many boaters wonder why the Rogue Jet Boats team chooses aluminum over conventional boat construction materials like fiberglass and plastic. There are several reasons behind this commitment to aluminum boat construction.

Bulletproof Boats Are Incredibly Durable

The aluminum construction of a Rogue Jet Boat is bulletproof, and this inherent durability means that anyone who invests in a Rogue Jet Boat will not face many of the maintenance issues caused by wear-and-tear and minor damage that come with most conventional boat constructions.

Aluminum protects the boat’s internal and external components from the stress of vibration as well. Over time, consistent vibrational forces can erode the parts of boats made with other materials. In addition to vibration dampening, the aluminum construction also means better boat handling and noise reduction.

Personalized, Dedicated Craftsmanship

Rogue Jet Boats also believes in accountability with their manufacturing processes, and there is no “assembly line” structure when it comes to Rogue Jet Boats’ manufacturing. When a customer orders a new boat, the project is assigned to a single craftsman who manipulates the aluminum materials precisely for a completely made-to-order boat.

Once an order is placed for a new Rogue Jet Boat, the assigned craftsman will construct the boat using .250 high-grade aluminum, and the design of every Rogue Jet Boat takes the forces of resistance and inertia into account. The frame, transom, engine compartment reinforcement frame, and continuously welded full-length box girders are carefully crafted using .190 grade aluminum.

Ultimately, aluminum is one of the best materials available for boat construction, and no one does aluminum boat construction better than Rogue Jet Boats. If you’re interested in upgrading to an aluminum Rogue Jet Boat, contact us today to learn more about our commitment to expert aluminum craftsmanship.