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Adventure Fishing with Stealth

Adventure fishing in Oregon is a wonderful way to spend a week or two in the summer.  Or, you could go out every weekend if you live close!  Consider the Stealth Jet Boat by Rogue Jet Boats for all your adventure fishing trips in Southern Oregon!

Whether you take a guided fishing trip or have your own adventure in Oregon along the waterways this summer, adventure awaits when you have the right kind of boat.  Make sure you have all your safety supplies and load up a few friends to explore the Southern Oregon waters and see things most people will never see because they can’t explore the way you can in a Stealth Jet Boat.

You can enjoy fishing Chinook salmon in the mid-summer months and summer Steelhead.  No matter what you are fishing for this summer, the best way to do it is in a jet boat.  Get in your boat and let it take you places other boats can’t go because they don’t have the shape or the shallow bottom of the stealth jet boat.

In most boats, you must consider where you will go depending on the depth of water and how populated it is.  A jet boat is fast, and you can go anywhere there is water.  They are great for fishing close to the shores when the water is shallow, and they drift with the natural waves of the water well when fishing in some of the most secluded spots!

Pack your stuff for an adventure whenever you get in your boat.  Mix every trip with high-speed adventure boating and relaxing on the river with plenty of time to fish because getting back takes no time at all in the jet boat.

If you are interested in a custom boat for your fishing adventure trips, contact Rogue Jet Boats to talk to a professional that will guide you through our process of building custom boats for our clients.  We will work with you to get you exactly what you want in a river jet boat.

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