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Exploring with a Jet Boat

Using a jet boat to run rapids, explore areas nobody can do without a jet boat, or get to and from places faster than most!  You can really make time in a jet boat, so exploring the waters of the Pacific Northwest is ideal in one of these special boats.  River boating is different from ocean boating or lake boating.  You can have much more of an adventure in a small space.  The power you need for certain parts of a river will come with a jet boat so you don’t have to worry if you can battle the conditions.

Idaho is also a wonderful place to take a jet boat because the waters are less populated than Oregon and Washington’s waterways.  Try a place like Hell’s Canyon, or other parts of the Snake River for a fun adventure trip for everyone in the family.  You will see waterways merge, get close to the shores of the canyons, and get to view wildlife that is just as curious to see you!

A jet boat can be customized to go up rapids on these primitive and beautiful rivers to go up rapids and give everyone in the boat a trill and experience that they will never forget.  Get splashed by walls of water that only a jet boat can pull you up and down.  Don’t forget to be safe on your jet boat adventure trips!

Contact Rogue Jet Boats to talk about the types of adventures you want to experience with a jet boat.  We will make sure you get a boat that fits the river boating you want to do and gives you the space you need for the people you want to take.  That said, everyone that powers a jet boat on adventure trips, should have an appropriate level of training that we can talk to you about and guide you to the right places to get your credentials.   We can make sure that the experiences you want on the water can be realized by getting you the right boat for everything you want to do!



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