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Dressing for Winter Boating

If you decide to take your jet boat on the water during the winter months, wearing the right clothing can be the difference between a fun trip and a miserable trip.  If you plan to be in the cold and wet weather, then your boating day should go well.

  • Three are wetsuits for winter that have advanced in technology so that you stay warmer and dryer. Most of these four-season wetsuits have microfleece as the liner next to your skin, which gives you a warmer alternative to boating with regular clothing.
  • Most of your clothing should be waterproof if you use your jet boat in the winter. You may get freezing water splashed on your body, and waterproof gear will help you remain warm.
  • A good pair of waterproof boots or winter boots with a waterproof fabric will protect your feet from the elements. Consider buying your boots a little bigger so that you can wear layers of socks.  You could also wear gaiters over a wetsuit if you plan to stand in the water at any point.
  • Gloves are essential for winter jet boating. A good pair of lined, waterproof gloves will help keep your hands warm and dry.
  • It is essential to wear layers when you do any winter boating activity.  Not only can you take layers off as the sun comes up and makes everything warmer, you can also take layers off if you get wet.  Consider layering just as you would for a winter hike or skiing.  You may get hot enough on your boat trip that you don’t need all the protection you wore, so it is much easier to take off a layer than to change clothing or remain too hot.
  • Consider taking a spare rain jacket to keep the water off your main wardrobe. Rain jackets are easy to peel off, put back on, and loan to others that didn’t wear enough waterproof gear.

If you have any questions about using your jet boat in the winter, Rogue Jet Boats is available to answer your questions and talk about the ins and outs of winter boating.



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