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Preparing for Spring Recreation Along the Rogue River

Whether you take your Jet Boat out for a day or a whole weekend of camping, it is vital to be prepared for spring recreation in Oregon.  You can start planning your spring trips in the winter months so that you have a list of supplies you need for your longer trips and plenty of time to accumulate them.

  • Review boating safety rules for your jet boat on the river. Consider going over the boating safety rules that are the law and the regulations that you have for passengers that ride on your boat.  It is also essential to give everyone a copy of river boating rules.
  • If you plan on camping at a campground along the river, call ahead to find out when they open. Campsites fill up quickly in Oregon, so get your spots as early as you can!
  • Consider what you need for cold and hot weather. While your evenings may be freezing, days can vary in temperature.  Layers of clothing are the best way to prepare for all temperatures.  You should also prepare with waterproof gear.  Boots should always be waterproof, and you may want to throw in a pair of waders just in case you need them!
  • Decide on the right fishing spots for your jet boat and determine if there are places for you to get out of your boat and go for hikes along the river. Planning for recreation along the river may seem time-consuming at first, but planning for your spring trips in the winter months gives you plenty of time to create the most memorable trips with your boat.
  • Have a list of items for everyone to bring if your trip is for several days. Decide on what to eat during those days and how you will prepare the food.
  • Make sure you have a list of safety essentials to include on your boat and check it before you leave as well. This list should consist of lifejackets that fit everyone, a first aid kit, and extra warm weather gear.

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