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The Benefits of Winter Boating

If you own a boat and want to keep using it during the winter months, then there are plenty of areas that can accommodate your desire to boat all year.  If you have a jet boat, then you can get to places that other types of boats may not be able to visit during the winter months.

  • There is less traffic during the winter months. Not only is there fewer people boating, but there is also less traffic to prime boating locations!
  • In many places, fish and wildlife come out more often when the weather is colder. The fishing may be much better and more peaceful with fewer people on the water.
  • If you want to store your boat at a marina, and you live in an area that doesn’t typically freeze, it is easy to get your boat in and out of its spot even on the coldest days!
  • If you do live somewhere where the water freezes and the marina isn’t as easily accessible, be sure to inquire about winter docking for your boat. Not all marinas offer winter docking, but if you look in your area, you may find someone who provides the service.
  • If you start to enjoy winter boating, then you won’t have any off-season! You won’t have to put your boat up and try to find something else to do while it sits, and you wait to use it in the spring.  Winter boating allows you to have fun now.
  • You don’t have to worry as much about buying ice for your cooler when it is already cold outside. Try packing hot meals and drinks for your winter boating day trips.
  • Winter boating tends to be much more peaceful because the air is more still, and there are fewer disturbances all around.
  • The winter chill provides an excellent setting to enjoy winter sightseeing from the shore. If you have always wanted to see specific locations or animals that you can see well from the water, enjoy the moment during the winter months when most people won’t have the same views or pictures that you can capture!