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Gail James | San Jose, CA

Our Rogue Jet is our 8th boat, but our first jet boat. We thoroughly researched the jet boat marketplace. And I mean thoroughly! There are 44 jet boat manufacturers in the USA but only Rogue Jet boat’s have a 4th generation tampered-radius hull that includes a ” surf board bottom, the Hamilton 212 Turbo Jet and 51 other standard features that make them the best built, no-compromise jet boat on the market. After riding in and driving several other boats, my wife & I were sold within 10 minutes about the obvious handling and performing advantages of a Rogue Jet. When I make an investment, I want to know I have made the best decision. If you feel that way too, then you are going to love the “no-compromise” Rogue Jet boats. Give them a call; they are also great people to work with.”