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Jerry and Sherry Lampkin

Since picking up our boat on July 19th, we have had the pleasure of staying on the Klamath River for the last month fishing and playing on vacation. The boat now has 40 hours on the main engine and another 40 or so on the kicker. So to say we have ran it through the ringer this month would be an understatement.
Now that we have had some time in the boat to really sit and look at the build quality, rigging and design, all we can say is WOW! This boat has met and exceeded ALL of our expectations. The performance in all categories is phenomenal. Whether your side drifting, Boon dogging, trolling or just running up the river, this boat does it all, flawlessly. We still cant get over the power and performance of the supercharged engine. Getting on plane with full fuel, 6 people, 2 dogs and a full fish box in less than a couple of boat lengths has come in very handy numerous times this month. Getting through the skinny water was just an instant acceleration away and very comforting to know there was more there when needed. The fuel consumption was also a pleasant surprise. With all of the extra torque this motor has, all that is needed to get on plane and cruise, is to tach it up to 3000 rpm and leave it there. No need to really lean on it. Loafing along at 3000 rpm yields an easy 30 mph cruise and surprisingly good fuel consumption as compared to our other boat.
Prior to ordering our Rogue Jet, we have owned another brand of heavy gage aluminum jet boat for over 10 years, so we had a lot of expectations and ideas of how we wanted our boat built. Because of that, we would like to thank you ALL again for your patients and willingness to build us OUR boat the way we wanted it. You all made the new boat process so much fun, interesting, and A LOT less painful than anticipated.
Please feel free to give our phone number to any potential boat customer as we would be more than happy to talk to them about our experience.
Thank you again,
Jerry and Sherry Lampkin